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About Us

Our Background

The Kyah Wiget Education Society is a non-profit organization that was formed as an independent body responsible for all educational matters in Witset, while accountable to the people of the community. We  provide our students with language and cultural studies from Kindergarten to Grade 12.


The Society promotes respect for oneself and others, as well as property and all forms of life. The implementation of Witsuwit'en Culture is highly important to our students’ education. We also encourage collaboration with Community members about Witsuwit'en education.


The Kyah Wiget Education Society works cooperatively with other educational institutions, First Nations and all levels of Government

Job Posting

Job Postings:

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2023-2024 SchoolCalndar
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Do you know a deserving youth in your community that goes above and beyond in their lives? Do they excel, lead, give back? Do they WOW? Click the link below to nominate a student age 10-18.

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