COVID Back to school Plan for Witset Elementary/Icount


Ensuring Social Distancing is key.   We will create smaller groups of students through Learning Groups

Learning groups – a group of students and staff will remain together through the school day throughout the academic year.

Witset Elementary will have a primary (KR-3) learning group and an intermediate learning group (4-7)

Learning groups will have a staggered recess so that the groups are not mingling with one another.  Students stay will in contact with same group of adults throughout the day.

Group 1 Edna, Marsha and Caroline’s classes 

Group 2 Val and Susan 

Students will minimize contact with other learning and maintain physical distance (2m).

Our meal program will be served in the classrooms.

Signage will be placed throughout and outside of the schools to emphasize Social Distancing.

We will be limiting the number of students in the boot rooms and washrooms.  

Icount will a junior (8-10) learning group and senior (11-12) learning group. 

The Junior groups will come for face to face learning on Tuesdays and Thursdays,

The Senior group will come for face to face learning on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Classrooms – 

Desks have been ordered for the elementary school.  The classrooms will have desks in place so that students can maintain social distance while working. 

Each student will have their own plastic container to keep their supplies separate.  Supplies will not be shared.

Every class will have disinfectant wipes to wipe supplies down throughout the day.

A janitor will come and disinfect part way through each day for sanitation purposes.  Regular janitorial duties will continue after school hours.  Commercial grade disinfectants will be used to wipe down surfaces after hours.  

At Icount students will attend face to face learning on designated days.

Unnecessary furnishings and equipment will be removed from classrooms to allow more space for students.

Our Kindergarten Grade 1 class will be divided in half due to the class size.  All students will come to school each day but half of the class will be focusing on academic subjects while the other half is focusing on building fine motor control and language development skills.  The groups will switch half way throughout the day.


Physical Distancing and Traffic flows

Floor markings and posters will be used address traffic flow down the hall. 

Group 1 will enter through Primary will have entrance door.  There will be no more than 10 students in the primary boot room at a time.  Students will enter, remove their outdoor clothes and sanitize their hands before entering the hallway.

Group 2 The Intermediate students will enter the school at the far side of the school.  The maximum number of students in the boot room is 4.  Students will sanitize their hands before entering the hallway.

The hallway will be divided to separate movement.  Students will come down only on the left side and go up on the right side. 

Icount will only enter through the door by the kitchen and exit through the double door. The hallway will be one way and signage will be in place to remind people to social distance. Students will sanitize their hands upon entering the building

The reception in both schools will have a plastic barrier

Parents, caregivers and visitors will be not permitted in the school during this time of COVID. We are asking parents to call for apt before entering school. 

Transportation on Buses

All buses will have seating arrangements

We are encouraging parents to let older children walk to school in the community or drop them off at 8:30

Masks will be mandatory for the driver and all passengers.

All passengers will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering the bus.

Bus line ups will be set up so students can maintain social distancing. Markings will be in place 

School Gatherings 

School gathering will be minimal during the pandemic and will occur only within the learning group/cohort. Visitors will not be able to attend school gatherings


Extracurricular activities

No overnight trips during the time due to COVID – 

Limited fieldtrips will take place following policies and procedures as well as the COVID-19 Health and Safety guidelines. 

Fieldtrips to outdoor locations are preferred 


Food Services 

Witset Elementary will have breakfast lunch in the classrooms until further notice.

Icount students will eat lunch in mini-feast hall after lunch. 

We will not be permitting homemade food and beverages to not be shared at school.  Bake sales are no longer an option.


Hand Hygiene

Students will be advised by signage and class instruction to perform hand hygiene.

  • Before and after any breaks such as recess and lunch.

  • Before and after eating and drinking

  • Before and after using and in door space used by multiple learning groups such as the gym and computer lab.

  • After using the toilet

  • After sneezing or coughing into hands

  • Whenever hands are visibly dirty


Personal Strategies 

Students and staff will be encouraged by teacher and through other communication tools such as signage and newsletters.

Avoid close greetings (hugs, handshakes)

Encourage students and staff to not touch their faces

Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. Throw away used tissues and immediately perform hand hygiene 

Refrain from touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands

Refrain from sharing any food, drinks, unwashed utensils, cigarettes or vaping devices


Daily Health Checks

The school will work with the local health clinic to ensure policies and procedures are in place regarding reporting elevated staff and student absenteeism due to influenza like illness to public health.  This reporting is helpful in early identification of clusters and outbreaks.

Illness at School

The school communicate with parents and caregivers about their responsibility to assess their children daily before sending them to school.

If a student develops any symptoms of illness parents or caregivers must keep the student at home.

If a staff member develops any symptoms of illness, staff must stay home.

Student will remain in medical room until a family member picks them up. The clinic will be contacted immediately to ensure we are following COVID policies adequately.

The designated space for student or staff member with illness to wait if they cannot return home immediately is the medical room.

Staying home when sick

Daily self-assessment

Staff are required to perform daily self-assessment for common cold-influenza, and COVID-19 like symptoms prior to coming to work.  Parents/Caregivers must assess their child(ren) daily for symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory disease before sending them to school.  Staff or Parent/Caregivers that are unsure how to interpret symptoms, are encouraged to use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool or consult with their physician.  A 14 day self -isolation period for staff and students in mandatory for those identified as a close contact of a confirmed case or an outbreak of COVID-19, OR if they have recently returned from travel outside of Canada.  A 10 day self-isolation for staff and students is required for those with COVID-19 symptoms.  Staff and or students may return to school if one of the following conditions are met:

  1. Symptom free after self-isolation

  2. A doctor’s note.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

General cleaning and disinfecting of the premises at least once every 24 hours. This includes all classroom items that students use.

Removing shared items where cross-contamination is possible

Limiting frequently touched items that are not as easily cleaned.


Learning Group 1   Students will have water coolers and bottles of water in the classroom so that the teacher and support staff can fill up the bottles for the students throughout the day.

Cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces at least twice every 24 hours. This includes door knobs, light switches, toilet handles, tables, desks, chairs, water fountains and toys

Learning Group 2 can use the water fountain to fill up water bottles.  Students will not be permitted to drink from the fountain.  

Students with disabilities and diverse abilities

Parents/caregivers of children who are at higher risk of severe illness due to COVID-19 will be encouraged to consult a healthcare provider to determine their child’s level of risk.

Extra effort will be made to communicate on a regular basis with parents to ensure student needs are met.

School staff providing delegated care and working in close proximity with students who are higher risk of severe illness due to COVID-19 will wear a mask.

Staff will use standard precautions in their work with students with disabilities and diverse abilities


Non-Medical Masks

Wearing non-medical masks at school is highly encouraged by students, parents.

Routine wearing of masks by students age 10 and up and staff withing the school and on buses will be encouraged, but not required.

Students and staff will have a non-medical mask or face covering available at school so it is accessible should they become ill while at school.  

Students will wear a non medical mask or face covering when they cannot physically distance or be behind a physical barrier  on a school bus.


Staff Safety


Establish and post occupancy limits for shared spaces such as lunch rooms and break rooms.

Stagger start and end of shift times as well as break times for works to prevent crowding when entering and leaving the workspace.

If workers are required to meeting person, sure there is a 2 meter space.

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