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What is Skyzeh Habi Yikh?

  • We are a unique and personalized education program for Grades 8 to 12, accredited by the Independent School Branch of the BC Ministry of Education and First Nation Steering Committee (FNSA)

  • We provide an alternate option for at-risk youth or students who encountering difficulties in the public school system

  • We opened our doors to Witset students on September 4, 2012 with highly experienced and caring teachers and support staff

  • We have helped these young adults become ambassadors of their community


Youth Empowerment

  • We provide culture and holistic learning so students gain identity and purpose

  • We exercise patience and positive reinforcement to raise self-esteem and academic confidence

  • We believe that flexible and creative course work allows students to discover interests, passions and unique talents seemingly on their own

  • We know that students succeed when they are enjoying themselves and it takes love, care, positivity and passion to support them




  • We incorporate language, customs and traditional stories, along with activities such as hunting, trapping, fishing, weaving, carving, singing and dancing

  • We coordinate interaction with Elders and Culture Camps, as well as encourage consistent participation in the Feast Hall 

Home Away from Home

  • We operate in a facility the students can call home

  • We are educators, friends and family with our students, rather than authority figures

  • We provide a home away from home environment for students struggling in their personal and family lives 

Holistic Approach

  • We develop personalized lesson plans that caters to individual needs at a comfortable pace for students to progress

  • We place a high emphasis on academic goals but blend our students' emotional, physical, cultural and social growth with their studies

  • We provide culturally relevant and professional counselling services

  • We promote health and wellness as crucial to academic success

  • We demonstrate and praise proper etiquette and respect during the course of our lessons.

  • We support self-discovery in relation to our social and physical environment

  • We discuss feelings and emotions in every morning huddle

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Skyzeh Habi yikh Staff

Kathleen Morin


250-847-2244 Ext 2-403

Micah Patterson

Adminiastration Assistant/EA

250-847-2244 EXT 2


Christine Jang

Cathy Lorenzon

Jessica Michell

Susan Derkson

Education Assistants

Betty Tait


Brennan Mckinnon

Lenora Wilson

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