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KWES Management

Our goal is to create a positive learning environment where students can reach their goals to become positive future leaders in the Witset community.  We will seek to help preserve the Witsuwit'en language and culture and our students will work within a safe environment to develop into lifelong learners.


Aaron Burgess
Executive Director


Jackie bitmoji.png

Jackie Mckenzie
250-847-2244 EXT: 1


Kathleen Morin
Principal ICOUNT
250-877-2244 EXT: 2

Charmayne Nikal
Daycare Manager
250-847-2244 EXT: 318

Hildegard Scholtz
Adult Educcation Manager
250-847-2244 EXT: 603

Priscilla Michell

Project Manager
250-847-2244 EXT 317

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