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Witset Elementary School

Witset Elementary School


Together with the teachers and staff, we take pride in creating a positive learning environment where students can reach their goals and develop into life long learners.



Wiset Elementary School is an independent school certified through the BC Ministry of Education. We follow the curriculum set forth by the ministry where personalized learning is at the heart of the new curriculum.

With the support of FNESC and FNSA, students’ literacy and numeracy skills are continuously monitored. We encourage students to learn by exploring their interests and passions. Whether it's computers, sports, art, and music, passion is a motivator for students, as they connect with their interests to excel in the classroom. There is an emphasis on real-life experiences - community involvement and hands-on learning. These skills shape confident students.

                                                                           Open Communication


To promote healthy relationships among parents, students and staff, we have an open-door policy that encourages communication, feedback and discussion about any matter of importance.

You can freely approach and meet with the principal, vice-principal and other members of the leadership team at anytime.

By providing a safe, welcoming environment, we can gain valuable insight to your opinions and concerns. Not only does it achieve a greater understanding of each other, it also allows us to move forward together as one.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Executive Director Aaron Burgess or principal, Jackie McKenzie at 250-847-2244 Ext. 310

Language & Culture


We are committed to preserving the Witsuwit’en language and culture by incorporating it daily in classroom activities. Our specialized Witsuwit’en teacher carefully plans lessons for each grade level to teach students the language and other aspects of our heritage.

We incorporate cultural learning into our lesson plans. Each year we berry pick as well as harvest, smoke and preserve Salmon. We teach our children about hunting and meat preservation.

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