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Board of Directors

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Cathy Lorenzen

Teacher Representative

I have been involved with education since 1991.  Its exciting to see and be part of incorporating the importance of teaching and preserving our culture through the education system


Caryssa Nikal

On Reserve Parent


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Kayla Mitchell


Helen Nikal

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Elder Representative

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Caroline Muir

Off reserve rep


Diana Johanson


Siy Sozi, Diane Johansen from Thin House of C'ilhts'ekhyu clan. I was raised by late Gguhlatt and Ut'akhkw'its, I am here to help the learning process of our community to run smoothly with what I ahve learned from my grandparents. I look forward to continue learning how to help our community better.


Micah Harris

Youth Representative

Si sozi Micah Patterson I am Laksilyu in the house on the flat rock. I have been working in an Elementary school for 3 years now and have always wanted to further my knowledge and experience. Being in the Kwes board has not only let me do that but to be there for the education of our community."

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