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Witsuwit'en Child & Family Center

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Mission Statement

Develop the Mind

Your child will benefit from our age appropriate, professional and well thought out curriculum, designed to establish a strong skill base and love of learning. Our learning environment is play based, which supports our children to discover new concepts, uncover hidden mysteries and imagine new possibilities, all while allowing them to learn at their own pace. Early learning enables children to develop the confidence to tackle problems, overcome obstacles and succeed. We understand the impact quality education can have on young children when immersed into our Witsuwit'en Culture. The core of culture begins with our ancestors and has been carried for generations for us to embed into our programming.


Nourish the Body

Activity, fitness and play are all key elements to our program. With regular outdoor time and planned indoor activities, our children experience a world of movement, dance, and recreation. At The Witsuwit'en Child and Family Center, we incorporate nutrition, music, language and physical activity into each program. We have previously consulted with a registered dietitian and Nutritionist which assists us in planning the snack and lunch menu. Our guidelines reduce the intake of sugar and salt in the children’s diet; meeting the recommended Canadian Food Guide. Its important for parents to review the monthly snack and lunch menu. When a parent knows or is unsure that their child will not eat what is on the menu; it is the parent’s responsibility to bring food in for their child.


Inspire the Soul

The Witsuwit'en Child and Family Center environment encourages a child’s individuality, creativity and exploration. We help develop children’s social, emotional and physical needs as they grow, develop and mature throughout their journey. We promote freedom and independence while emphasizing the importance of team work and social skills. We celebrate differences and emphasize inclusion, while maintaining a strong sense of connection within community. Acknowledging that we are located on Likhsilyu Territory. Guiding the children their proper protocols on drumming, singing, and clans. Demonstrated respect for everyone involved with our center. 

News & Events

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Photo Gallery


Charmayne Nikal
Daycare Manager
250-847-2244 Ext: 4


Infant & Toddler Supervisor
SueAnne Vantunen250- 847-2244

3-5 year old program Supervisor Travis Dennis
250- 847-2244 ext:4

Angela Calder-Dennis
Camisha Naziel
Corrina Mitchell
Chavonne Michell
Brittany Poirier
Christine Derrick
Chanel Stevens


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